Donations Sought

Is there any nice way of begging for money? I tried it once on the streets of NYC, people did in fact donate to my cause, and I probably made more in an hour than minimum wage, but you deal with a lot of negativity and rejection , and I but l more in pride than I was willing to lose ( pride cometh before a fall, my mother had always said )

However I didn’t have much pride to begin with, being a man of color who liked other ‘men’s penis more than my own – I know most gay guys better described as homosexuals’ are happy carefree and umm…gay ! and then some are not and that’s another choice, and another conversation!

We’re not the mainstream, we are far right to the left and back again, free thought free speech , free minds even if we disagree and hate each other for it.

Back to begging, we need financial donation’s, to help us keep doing what we do and that is help the already confused navigate a confusing world. If you can, donate on the donation page. here Stomp Out Hate.

Hello, Happy New Year !

The year started off on many lows, the loss of some notable celebrities,’ as well as millions of anon. not “known people” since we can’t mention them all, we’ll say rest in peace to the many whom have shed this mortal coil to ascend to a higher plane of existence where the body will no longer feel sensations that plaque the human mind, but a freedom, the kind that will never be found encased in this delicate shell of flesh and blood.