Homeless Shelters in Alberta

Homeless persons and families can access emergency shelters across Alberta. There are 3 types of shelter accommodation:

■ Emergency Shelters: means overnight accommodation to individuals who have no permanent address.

■ Short-Term Supportive Housing: means temporary housing with support to assist client movement into permanent housing.

■ Long-Term Supportive Housing: means unlimited stay at a facility that provides 24/7 support to its residents.

In the 2011-12 fiscal year, the province committed $38.5 million to support agencies providing shelter spaces. Funding was allocated to 29 emergency shelters that provide 3,302 spaces across the province. The following charts list these facilities by community and shelter type.

Shelter space usage has gone down in all major cities in Alberta and there will be a reduced need for emergency shelter spaces as more and more homeless people are provided with permanent housing. However, as there continues to be a need for emergency accommodations the Alberta government continues to support about 3,500 emergency shelter spaces in 30 facilities across Alberta.

Edmonton Emergency Shelters

Hope Mission
9908-106 Avenue 780-422-2018 310 spaces

Herb Jamieson Centre
10014-105A Avenue 780-429-3470 215 spaces

Salvation Army Addictions and Residential Centre
9611-102 Avenue 780-429-4274 142 spaces

Women’s Emergency Accommodation Centre
9611-101A Avenue 780-423-5302 66 spaces

Edmonton Short-Term Supportive Housing

Hope Mission Edwardson Place
10336-114 Street 780-453-3412 20 spaces

E4C Elizabeth House
11717-93 Street 780-378-0611 20 spaces

Edmonton Long-Term Supportive Housing

McCauley Lodge
9520-108 Avenue 780-408-2996 58 spaces

Sparling Lodge
9540-110A Avenue 780-408-2985 20 spaces

Urban Manor
9524-104 Avenue 780-425-5901 75 spaces

Fort McMurray Emergency Shelters

Fort McMurray Salvation Army
9919 MacDonald Avenue 780-743-4135 32 spaces

WBHDC Marshall House
10095 Marshall Street 780-715-1870 70 spaces

Grande Prairie Emergency Shelters

Wapiti Community Dorm
Rotary House 10101-97A Street 780-513-4043 62 spaces

Grande Prairie Short-Term Supportive Housing

Elders Caring
9702-99 Avenue 780-882-7242 17 spaces

Wapiti Community Dorm
Rotary House 10101-97A Street 780-513-4043 16 spaces

Lloydminster Emergency Shelters

Lloydminster Social Action Coalition
5001-48 Avenue 306-825-3977 20 spaces

Red Deer Emergency Shelters

Central Alberta Housing Society – People’s Place Shelter
6002-54 Avenue 403-342-4722 23 spaces

Calgary Emergency Shelters

Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre
Riverfront location 423-4 Avenue SE 403-263-5707 700 spaces
Hillhurst location Contact Riverfront 100 spaces

The Salvation Army of Canada
Wagner Place 3013-15 Avenue SW 403-410-1111 12 spaces for women
Centre of Hope 20-9 Avenue SE 403-410-1111 159 spaces

The Mustard Seed Society (Foothills)
7025-44 Street SE 403-269-1319 300 spaces

Calgary Alpha House Society
203-15 Avenue SE 403-234-7388 120 spaces

YWCA – Mary Dover House
320-5 Avenue SE 403-232-1588 6 spaces

Calgary Short-Term Supportive Housing

Calgary Dream Centre
4510 Macleod Trail S 403-243-5598 120 spaces

YWCA – Mary Dover House
320-5 Avenue SE 403-232-1588 80 spaces

Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre
423-4 Avenue SE 403-263-5707 270 spaces

Calgary Long-Term Supportive Housing
Trinity Place Foundation of Alberta – Peter Coyle Place
5700-3 Street SW 403-252-5329 70 spaces

Medicine Hat Emergency Shelters

Medicine Hat Salvation Army Family Support Centre
737-8 Street SE 403-527-2474 30 spaces

Lethbridge Emergency Shelters

Aboriginal Housing Society
1205-3 Avenue South 403-328-2414 80 spaces

Lethbridge Short-Term Supportive Housing
Blackfoot Family Lodge Society
830-7 Street North 403-329-6506 15 spaces

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