Facebook and Censorship

Facebook censors boobs and cocks, but not live murder and in fact Zuckerberg spins it to be a good thing. And all those sheeple follow behind chiming in, “how great it is to be in touch with reality”. welcome to the white man’s world, one of hard core hatred , violence brutality wall to wall, 24 / 7. And it’s a good thing because people are blood thirsty anyway, ad revenues up, it’s all good.

What a crock, white millennials raised on prefab blockbuster fake feelings with a side of sesame street. Zuckerberg rich from nothing but spreading violence and ill conceived ideas, pretending that broadcasting a murder was a ” good ” thing, first the race issue. The Cop who shot the person was not white but Latino , and it wasn’t race it was about Guns, and the psychology and stupidity of people who have, guns or carry guns.

We feel the Cops could get along without guns to, but that’s not going to happen that would be to civilized..

Two Different Justices Both Suspect?

Seven-year sentence for Rasberry for stabbing neighbour 37 times  and Okla. Police Officer sentenced to 263 Years For Raping 13 Women

There are 2902.9 KM between the two jurisdiction’s, it takes 26 hours to drive. Mr. Rasberry alleges that another man tried to rape him, so in self defense he stabbed him 37 times with 3 different knives killing the “attacker”. The (ex) Police officer was convicted of raping 13 women out of 34 accusations.

American Justice is prone to be affected by a popular cause.  In ex – officers Daniel Holtzclaw  case 13 of the 34 “victims” were Afro American females, all of the victims were petty criminals, crack heads, and hookers. But because of their race and past injustices perpetrated by white police officers against Afro American men and women it seems that the jury threw the book at him, I guess for being extremely stupid more than anything else.

There was or is a popular pornographic movie series or “theme” which features police officers getting favors from whores under duress. Mr. Holtclaw must have thought he was auditioning or he was drinking Mushroom tea, because even if, why?  The worst part of it, is that we will never know for sure what went wrong or what really happened , we have the testimony of female crack heads and hookers, black and white. I have never known an honest crack head or whore, or combination there of.

But the disparity in the two sentences brings up an interesting parallel , it seems if a man attempt to rape another man, his life is worth that attempt? This is in the same hemisphere.  White people in the USA are bending over backwards and falling face forward in an effort to placate the past, so much so that it seems that sanity, fairness compassion and understanding is replaced with revenge, but not from a moral standpoint but for appearances sake.

As a former street person myself I don’t believe the women, the cop did something wrong obviously to even be in that position, but I’ve known crack-head female prostitutes and hookers. One I didn’t know asked me for a cigarette one night in Calgary AB, and when I said I had none, she retorted ” I’m better than you anyway, because I’m white and your black ” and when I saw her being questioned by the police

I went over to the blonde female police officer and started to tell her about the encounter and the whore bellowed that I had tried to seduce her and pick her up. I had walked against the light because I was so angry I just wanted to report her. The blonde female police officer gave me a dirty glare and said “you just walked against the light,” and was very antagonistic towards me. I have had that experience with whores and aggression a few times, these women know how to use their gender, that’s what they do for a living, they lie. They use sex as a method to an end.

Something happened but in both cases the stories are dubious, and the outcomes so different. If society is to be ruled justly, then from country to country and territory to territory the laws have got to be fair and distributed evenly, borders not-with-standing, I don’t know why a strong athletic, not bad looking man would want with scraggly ill fed females of the streets, but I know that’s something’s wrong. In both cases, here is where we need an international tribunal of justice. And as the population grows, politicians recognize this, and hence the push toward Muslim dominance.

Islam is a method of control and dominance where-as Christianity emphasizes freedom of choice or “free -will” people will look to sharia law as a good thing, because it is potable and applicable across boundaries and borders..

Am I crazy, maybe? I think not, you can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people every time. The cop whore fetish thing is to well known and I have had females use their  gender against me, and I have seen it done, and it has worked for them every time. I fortunately do not like women, so the accusations are rendered irreverent but only after I’d defend myself. Rape is a crime, making porno about rape should also be a crime. There’s something wrong – maybe myself?  no I know what of I speak. I might add one took place in Calgary AB, the other in Oklahoma, can you guess which where ?






What Needs to be Done to End Homelessness?


Noreen date of birth ? death was in 2012, she loved music any-kind of good music. She loved to party and that she did until the end.

An adequate supply of safe, affordable and appropriate housing is a prerequisite to truly ending homelessness in the long term. This includes ensuring that people who are chronically and episodically homeless are prioritized and that systems are in place to enable such persons to receive housing and supports through Housing First programs. In a tight housing market, implementing a Housing First agenda becomes that much more challenging. It is also important to address the supply of affordable housing, in order to broaden access for other priority populations, including women fleeing violence, Aboriginal Peoples, families, seniors and youth, for instance.

Ultimately, addressing Canada’s housing crisis comes down to money, which then begs the question about our national priorities.

Canadian homeowners enjoy over $8.6 billion in annual tax and other benefits. This kind of investment in home ownership is important because it benefits millions of middle-income households.

Spending on affordable housing for Canada’s poorest households however, is less than one quarter of that invested in homeownership, approximately $2.1 billion per year and has declined quite dramatically over the past 25 years.

Ironically, it costs more to ignore our housing problem than it would to fix it. Consider the estimate that homelessness alone costs the Canadian economy over $7 billion per year. While the Government of Canada invests $119 million annually to address homelessness through the Homelessness Partnering Strategy (provinces and municipalities also invest), this is not sufficient to address the problem and as a result has not led to a noticeable reduction in homelessness.

By not investing adequately in housing for the poorest Canadians, health care, justice and other taxpayer-funded costs increase.

Put another way, as Canadians, we are spending more money on people who do not need help compared to those in greatest need. And by not spending on those in greatest need, we are not only creating hardship for many Canadian families, we are creating a considerably larger expense for the Canadian economy.

We can do things differently. In the State of Homelessness in Canada 2014, we propose a robust housing investment strategy that would cost the economy much less than the current costs of homelessness. The key elements of our strategy include the following proposals:



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