Love Has No Age ( the new tagline for pedophiles )

WE don’t agree with Drag time story hours, but thats another story for another time.

What kind of sick infected mind, finds toddlers sexually arousing? it’s hard to tell from the outside but we’ll do our best to expose those who have this disease and hopefully find a solution to an ever increasing festering societal problem.

This video is hosted on Instagram it has been there for nearly a year and despite numerous complaints

The following is the lyrics to a rap song distributed by meta, which protects itself with the

Playing Minecraft in a cave looking for Diamonds
That’s funny cuz I’m in the same cave looking for Minors (A play on words: Minors = children).

Cuz my sexual attraction to Minors is Major
Can’t even play hopscotch without popping a rager (“Rager” is colloquial having an erection ) (Hopscotch is a childhood pastime that sometimes adults play with children).

Always been a per-vert so I accepted insults
When I was a kid I fuckin’ molested adults.

The Supreme Court has ruled that, β€œtransmitting obscenity and child pornography, whether via the Internet or other means, is… illegal under federal law for both adults and juveniles.”

the uploader uses the handle logikzzz which means ?

This video here was placed by this guy > lilhalfdead20

ilhalfdead20 on Instagram, and was reposted by a band that I’d respected for many years but remember it was Rick James backing band and for all the good music Rick did, well his legacy is over shadowed by sexual molestation conviction and incarceration 900 people found this funny or arousing, none of them found it disgusting , Know your neighbor we have all 900 prolife that liked this disgusting display. The StoneCity band reposted it and got another 200 likes on a side not, I got a message from The Stone City band not admitting it was bad taste and poor judgment but instead saying that nobody found it offensive, but after an executive decision they decided to remove it ! a noble gesture, yeah well thank you for that email but you still don’t see it, how does your minds work that you would find a little boy sexually gyrating anything but repulsive? who else would even look at that let alone …. never mind. What do you call people who view kiddy porn and like it? because that’s what that is, I can’t even watch it.
Getting ready for Friday night! via StoneCity Band asking people to repost this evil crap. @lilhalfdead20

whose babysitting your kids, what day-care are they in ? A note to lawyers and law enforcement, do your jobs and we won’t have to do this.

We will send links to every police agency, every persons job that we can find, it’s going to stop right now. I was raped at 5 years old, it wasn’t fun then and it’s not a fun memory now, I’ve been triggered and you shouldn’t have done that., but you want evil, watch me.

Now the following is another kind of hate spread via Facebook

THA CHILL @boomdoczproductions



Matt Richards


For all booking inquiries please contact my Manager Rachel Williams : .>

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My brother at the Tupperware party πŸ˜‚


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Damn Half, I’m Dead πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚







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This is included to demonstrate the level of misogyny that Facebook has sank.

What is Online Child Sexual Exploitation?

Online child sexual exploitation is one of the most disturbing public safety issues facing society today. It continues to harm past and present generations of children in Canada and abroad. Child sexual exploitation online includes:

  • Child sexual abuse material – Actual, but also fictitious, written depictions of child sexual abuse, audio, video, and images, also known as child pornography;
  • Self-generated materials and sexting – Youth-generated explicit images/videos on the Internet, which are often further distributed without consent;
  • Sextortion – Use of coercion and threats to extort child sexual exploitation images/videos from youth (either by other youth or adult offenders);
  • Grooming and luring – Use of applications and platforms to connect with children and youth for the purpose of sexually exploiting them;
  • Live child sexual abuse streaming – Viewing of child sexual abuse in real-time, often involves the offender directing the abuse; and
  • Made-to-order content – Ordering videos/images to suit offenders’ preferences.

The following is a news item from Yahoo..

Brent Cox, the Fresno man charged with sexually abusing his girlfriend’s 12-year-old daughter, has agreed to a plea deal that could send him to prison for a maximum of 40 years.

Cox, along with his girlfriend, Tammy Schreiner, 40, and his wife Jillian Cox, 38, were all charged in 2021 with abusing the 12-year-old girl.

All three adults, who police said were in a β€œthrouple” relationship together, have now been convicted.

Jillian Cox pleaded no contest in October to willful cruelty to a child, as part of a plea agreement with the prosecution. She was sentenced to a year in county jail and probation.

Schreiner agreed to a plea agreement on July 20. She pleaded no contest to lewd and lascivious acts with a minor and child abuse endangerment. She will be sentenced on Sept. 14 and could receive up to to 8 years in prison.

On Tuesday, Brent Cox, 42, agreed to change his plea from not guilty to guilty. He was found guilty of five counts, including continuous abuse of a child, arranging a meeting with a minor for lewd or lascivious behavior and possessing child pornography.

He faces a maximum of 40 years in prison, but Judge David Gottlieb has the ability to erase a previous strike offense, which could reduce the maximum sentence to 20 years.

Prosecutor Andrew Janz said he will argue against wiping away the previous strike and push for the maximum prison sentence.

Janz said after the court hearing that he was pleased with the plea agreement.

Prosecutors did have some concerns about stress the victim could experience if she had to testify in court.

β€œThe most important consideration was the mental health of the victim,” Janz said. β€œShe was traumatized and we don’t want to have her relive those circumstances.”

Brent Cox, who is defended by Marc Kapetan, will be sentenced on Sept. 14 along with his girlfriend Schreiner.

Cheektowaga-Omni Launch Fundraiser for Debut Socio-Cultural Movie β€œMy Name Is Brad”


January 11, 2021: Cheektowaga-Omni, a production, media, and marketing company has today announced its foray into film making with the production of a socially conscious movie, β€œMy Name is Brad”. The company hopes to engage the public and has started fundraising, soliciting support from keen donors and people who value movies with a cultural and socially significant theme.

The prevailing atmosphere in the USA makes it ripe for movies like My Name is Brad to be an eye-opener for a public swayed by bigotry and misinformation. Moreover, homelessness is a growing issue that is affecting many people.

“My Name is Brad” narrates the story of a young middle class suburban white man who struggles through University, only to end up deluded, and living on the streets. He watches his promise die, like so many North American youth today.

Cheektowaga-Omni is a production and media marketing company that was established as a tie up between Cheektowaga Music and Omni creative group Cheektowaga Music was formed by prolific musician, music, entertainment producer and, performer “Little” Herbert in 1986. Cheektowaga-Omni is in the process of reactivating a dormant Analogue TV station in Northern Washington State. Visit site to know how to set up your blog effectively.

The movie My Name is Brad being produced by Cheektowaga-Omni is in memory of Kelly Thomas, who was killed by members of the Fullerton police dept in 2011. Cheektowaga-Omni has launched fundraising efforts to support the movie and plans are afoot to launch a kick-starter and a web page in support of My name is Brad. For more – click here.

Cheektowaga – Omni media is based in Kelowna BC, with studios located in Abbotsford BC and Vancouver BC.

The following video includes articles of harm and mayhem and discretion should be used when viewing the material involving the violence leading to the decession of Kelly Thomas.

For more information:

Media contact

Dale Corrigan

Cheektowaga – Omni Creative Group